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Governments (their leaders, agencies, bureaus, branches, etc.) are facing ever increasing and seemingly insurmountable challenges. Local, State/Provincial and National governments worldwide are operating in uncharted territory – governing from one crisis to the next. Social, political, economic, cultural and ethical complexities have become so great that business as usual is no longer sustainable. Our face to all aspects of government is know as RL Leaders LLC.

Leaders is a Creative Arts Integration company. Turning technologies and imaginative concepts into bold solutions.  

Since 2006 much of Leaders work has focused on taking entertainment industry technologies, looking at them through a different lens and integrating them into stand alone national security solutions.    Our thinking is simple – technologies developed by the entertainment industry are amazing and can have a great impact on national security you just need to know where to look and what to do with them.  That’s where we come in – we know both 

Our approach is to scan the entertainment technology horizon looking for how to kludge the different technologies together for solutions.  

Whether the problem is related to strategy, operations, innovation, funding or staffing, program or project management, inter-agency coordination, logistics, intelligence or security, we can guarantee you one thing – you cannot get ahead of whatever curve you’re facing by applying the same set of thoughts and actions that created the problem to begin with.

Sorting through the complexity of special interests, fiscal shortfalls, economic uncertainty, partisan politics, legislative log-jams, and never before seen levels of public discord is over the head of political staffers and consultants. There is a reason why people from within every constituency are so easily rallied around a cry for change.

The simple reality is real change is rarely birthed by those deeply entrenched in the status quo. The authors of current public policy are mired in positional and philosophical debate which always blends to a norm rather than inspires a deviation from standard.

Dysfunctional, unstable and/or failing governments are becoming the rule as opposed to the exception. Bureaus and agencies are viewed as bloated and ineffective – even if that’s not the case – public perception matters. The only way to buoy current thinking and bring true change and innovation to government problems is by replacing static thinking with adaptable creative thinking.

A bias to action must supersede lulling tactics. Monologues must give way to dialogs, and elected/appointed representatives must seek the counsel of those with a true outside-in perspective.

The Gordian Institute brings fresh, creative, discerning, actionable and viable solutions today’s most demanding government problems and political issues. Call us today – you’ll be glad you did.

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